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Question - at the latest Beyoncé performance, wasn’t there a thing in the background that said “Kill All Men”? I thought I saw one here on tumblr just yesterday, but I don’t know if it’s legit or shooped, and I can’t find it on Google.

My sweet little munckin and her toothy little smile. Had this taken today by a friend when Alanna and I went to her house, and Alanna got to pet her first horse! The little squirt was so brave, she didn’t even flinch when the horse came up to her - she just stuck out her hand, eagerly awaiting to pet the horses nose (which he was more than happy to let her do).





how does porn make money if i can literally just search free porn

How do musicians make money when you can literally just download free music?

Musicians make a lot of money from touring

when’s the last time you went to a live porn concert

yesterday with ur mom


I think it’s kinda hilarious that the same people who are currently defending “fuck you if you skinny, bitches” are the same ones who were reblogging inclusive body posi posts and attacked those who weren’t being inclusive enough for their own liking back when it was popular 6 months ago.

date idea: you.. me.. i lay in ur arms.. bleeding everywhere.. diamond heist gone wrong.. im a fuckin rat



Italian special force soldier after 72 hour battle in Afghanistan

School for black civil rights activists. Young girl being trained to not react to smoke blown in her face, 1960

Disability activists abandon their wheelchairs and mobility devices and crawl up the 83 stone steps of the U.S. Capitol Building demanding the passage of the American with Disability Act, March 12, 1990.

A south Korean man cries as his brother is on a train back to North Korea. Separated by the war, they have not seen the other since 1950. They were allowed to see each other for three days, but one will go back spending life in luxury, and the other in hard labour

 The Mocambo night club in East Hollywood, a white’s only club, was the most popular dance spot around but would not book Ella because she was black. Marilyn, who adored Ella Fitzgerald and her music, called the manager and demanded that they book Ella immediately

Portrait of Istvan Reiner, taken shortly before he was killed in Auschwitz

Werfel, a 6 year old orphan from Austria has just been given his first pair of new shoes by the American Red Cross,1946.

The last Jew of Vinnitsa

Susan B. Anthony in 1872 getting beaten and arrested for trying to vote when it was illegal for women to do so.

Until the mid-60s, the Aborigines came under the Flora And Fauna Act, which classified them as animals, not human beings. This also meant that killing an Aborigine meant you weren’t killing a human being, but an animal.

Here’s a link to 75 iconic pictures of the 21st century
I hope you guys learned and teared up from this as much as I did. 

I feel like I’m going to be using this at some point.


at what age do i have to stop being a sarcastic asshole



You’re really going to think that it’s okay to tweet out that gamers who are against your narrative are worse than ISIS? I can not, I literally can not say ‘fuck you’ enough. I could yell ‘fuck you’ repeatedly into my fucking video camera for the next hour and a half until my voice is hoarse and I cannot speak, and it simply still will be not enough times to say ‘fuck you’.

MundaneMatt in response to people supporting the idea that Gamers are literally worse than ISIS (via themundanematt)